Banking on Community

Exciting news is on the horizon for our community as we eagerly await the grand opening of Apricot Lane Boutique in March 2024! At Paramount Builders, we’re thrilled to be part of this journey, building out Apricot Lane’s new location.

Behind every successful business venture lies a strong foundation, and for Apricot Lane Boutique, that foundation is built upon a partnership with First International Bank & Trust (FIBT). Together, they’re paving the way for a flourishing future, and we couldn’t be more excited to witness their collaboration in action.

First International Bank & Trust is providing invaluable banking services to Apricot Lane Boutique, including electronic banking solutions and efficient deposit management. With FIBT’s support, Apricot Lane Boutique is poised to thrive, offering the latest fashion trends and unparalleled customer experiences to our community.

At Paramount Builders, we understand the importance of having reliable banking partners to fuel the dreams of aspiring entrepreneurs. Apricot Lane Boutique’s partnership with First International Bank & Trust exemplifies the power of strong relationships between builders, businesses and banking institutions, and we’re proud to be part of this dynamic ecosystem.

We extend our sincerest gratitude to First International Bank & Trust for their dedication to supporting local businesses like Apricot Lane Boutique. Together, we’re laying the groundwork for success and prosperity in our community.

Join us in eagerly anticipating the grand opening of Apricot Lane Boutique in March 2024, as we celebrate the beginning of a stylish new chapter in our neighborhood’s story!

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